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A mysterious package arrives at your door. A time-traveller, trapped in the past. Will you accept the call and discover the truth, before it’s too late? Suitable for the whole family.

Includes one Ministry of Time pin badge.
Limited time offer: ends December 1st.

Agent Cleo works for the mysterious organisation known as the Ministry of Time... and she’s trapped in Egypt in 1922! This looks like foul play... She’s sent a package through time, desperately hoping it falls into the right hands. Can you save her?

The Egyptian Enigma is an escape room challenge contained entirely in one exciting package. Search through a mysterious series of envelopes, solve the puzzles and outsmart your enemies; all before the timer runs out!

Everything is in the package; documents, clues, secrets and traps that you’ll have to navigate to save the day.
All you’ll need is a device with an internet connection, a pen and paper to make notes, and maybe some friends or family to play with!

This immersive, storytelling experience lasts around an hour. You’ll interact with characters and solve head-scratching challenges in a thrilling historical adventure that takes you all the way back to the time of the Pharaohs.

The Egyptian Enigma is the first installment in the Ministry Of Time series; adventures that traverse time and space, all from your own home!

All materials are 100% recyclable.

Perfect for:
Adventurers aged 8 and above! We particularly recommend family groups, but it’s suited for anyone seeking thrills and adventure!

How to play:
Your package will arrive in the post. Inside are all the clues you need to solve the mystery! Are you ready?

You’ll need:
A table to set everything out, a device connected to the internet so you can connect to the Ministry Of Time. The bigger the screen, the better. A pen and paper to make notes. You don’t want to deal with time travellers unprepared!

"Everything looked so gorgeous and authentic. Great fun teamworking with our 14 and 10 year old."


"If you have kids then buy this brilliant at-home escape room style adventure to do with them! I did it without a child and enjoyed it immensley."


"Loved your Egyptian Escape Room challenge, a really great way to have an hour's mental workout with the kids."


"The nephews had an absolutely amazing time playing the Egyptian Enigma. Direct quote: 'That was really fun, I hope they make some more!'"


"This is a very fun way to spend a family hour - time-travelling puzzles through the post!"



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