Agents Wanted

Are you of a sharp and enquiring mind? Do you like solving puzzles both ancient and of the distant future? Do you yearn to explore worlds beyond your imagining? Then the Ministry of Time needs YOU!  We need bright young minds to help us maintain the time-space continuum, and keep a lid on those who would use history for their own nefarious gains. If you want to make Time a better place, consider applying to the MoT, now!

A mysterious package arrives at your door. A time-traveller, trapped in the past. Will you accept the call and discover the truth, before it’s too late?

An entire town, sunken underwater, forgotten by history... What secrets lie buried beneath the waves? And what became of the people who lived there?

More adventures through time are coming soon...or have they already arrived? No. Don’t go creating paradoxes. Coming soon...


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