Mini Mysteries are family-friendly puzzle games delivered to your door. Open the envelope and connect online to discover an immersive world of tricky puzzles, colourful characters and thrilling adventure!



Mini Mysteries are fully immersive puzzle games which put players’ problem-solving skills to the test against a backdrop of gripping music, beautiful original artwork and colourful, interactive characters.

Save the world both in and outside the game: every Mystery is made almost entirely of recyclable paper! After you’re done, pass on the individual puzzles to someone else, recycle them, or keep them as souvenirs.

Asked Questions

What do I need to play?
Everything you need comes in the envelope, but we recommend a pen and paper to make notes. You will need a device to run the online part of the game; anything with a connection to the internet, but ideally a laptop or desktop computer with speakers to play music. The bigger your screen the better!

Is this game for kids?
Yes! We’ve designed our games to be playable for anyone aged 8 and above. You can play alone or in a group.

What about kids under 8?
If your younger children enjoy puzzles and games, and can call upon an adult for help when they get stuck, there’s no reason why they won’t be able to enjoy Mini Mysteries!
What about grown-ups?
We’ve tested it on lots of adults and they’ve had a great time! Mini Mysteries games are designed to be a fun, educational way for kids to learn and play, but they’re absolutely something adults can enjoy and get involved with - even if you don’t have kids!

Can I buy this for someone else?

Absolutely! Each game is personalised to you, so all you’d need to do is to enter the name and address of the person you’re buying it for when purchasing. Maybe give them a heads-up that it’s coming or they might be in for a shock!

Is this game stressful?
We’ve aimed for a nice balance of tension and fun, without punishing players if they get a puzzle wrong! The games are designed to be forgiving, and you will never be blocked from finishing them.

Is this game educational?
It is! We’ve made sure the puzzles and the story are the focus, but there are plenty of facts buried in the game, to be discovered through play, as well as a breakdown of some fascinating facts about the game’s time period at the end!
Who is behind this?
Mini Mysteries is the work of three guys who just love to puzzle. Jon Gracey is a writer and game designer. Matthew Hancock is an illustator and graphic designer. Richard Soames is an actor, comedian and teacher.

What’s your game design experience?

Between us we’ve designed multiple immersive, interactive and gaming experiences, both in theatres and for private companies. We combine a love of play and tight design as well as using our theatrical background to tell rich stories with great characters that breathe life into the worlds we create.

Do you ship to my country?
We are a UK-based company, but we ship all around the world. Postage is calculated at the checkout. Please note that deliveries can sometimes take a few weeks to arrive in countries outside of Europe.

Mini Mysteries Press Kit


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