A mysterious package arrives at your door. A time-traveller, trapped in the past. Will you accept the call and discover the truth, before it’s too late? An immersive puzzle game for the whole family!

"Everything looked so gorgeous and authentic. Great fun teamworking with our 14 and 10 year old."


"If you have kids then buy this brilliant at-home escape room style adventure to do with them! I did it without a child and enjoyed it immensley."


"Loved your Egyptian Escape Room challenge, a really great way to have an hour's mental workout with the kids."


"The nephews had an absolutely amazing time playing the Egyptian Enigma. Direct quote: 'That was really fun, I hope they make some more!'"


"This is a very fun way to spend a family hour - time-travelling puzzles through the post!"



A mystery package

Full of documents, maps and cryptic messages from a time-travelling secret agent. What does it all mean?


Interact online

Login with your personalised code. Meet and interact with memorable characters as you unravel the mystery.


Solve the mystery

Play solo, or work together to crack the case. A riotously fun, escape room experience for the whole family.


Ministry of Time
Pin Badges

Show your support for the Ministry with this stylish Ministry of Time pin badge. It won’t take you through time, but as far as fashion goes it’s time-less!


An immersive
adventure awaits!

An hour-long escape room challenge in one exciting package, in which YOU must solve the puzzles before the timer runs out! Everything is in the envelope - documents, clues, secrets and traps that you have to navigate to save the day. All you need is an internet connection!


Fun for friends
and family alike!

Use a variety of problem-solving skills. Work with your family and friends. Solve head-scratching challenges in this historical adventure that takes you all the way back to the time of the Pharaohs. Suitable for everyone aged 8 and up!


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